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Who Needs A Coach Anyways?

Last night at The Clubhouse, I walked out to Sudsy Field and the 13U Crush was all by themselves practicing bunt defenses. No coach in sight and the 13U Crush was going through bunt sequences, running plays, self correcting mistakes and getting better.

The Hard 90 culture and curriculum is working. Each play has an objective - players are taught the objective. By understanding the objective - players can practice on their own.

Engrained within the culture is the molding of a self directed player - a player that plays baseball because they love the game. They play and train hard because they want to be the best they can be. They work together because they understand that teamwork is essential to success.

So there they were - the 13U Crush "working while no one was watching" - purely for the sake of getting better in the game they love.

The development of this love for the game and desire to pursue the game is essential for players to achieve their best and play at a high level.

The days of learning these values in high school and starting your journey in high school are gone - the players that go the farthest in the game train with players that understand the value of working hard for what they want. They also understand that it is their responsibility to put in the work to achieve their dreams - not their parents, not their coach - but their responsibility.

Are you interested in pursuing baseball at the highest levels. Check out Hard 90 Travel Teams a product tradition of over 300 players going on to playing collegiate or professional baseball.

Already on a team - check out the High School Combine - where high school players are given a personal plan to improve their 5 tools.

Not in high school? - Check out the Power Trio - where Jr. high players are improving their 5 tools and learning the foundations for directing their own workout!

Still a youth player? Our Power Hitting and Power Pitching will set a solid foundation.

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