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Denholm Shares Peek At College Baseball

This last Saturday, Hard 90 traveled to UC Davis to catch up with Hard 90 Alum and Davis starting catcher Logan Denholm.

The team was treated to a tour and talk with Denholm who showed them the Davis Baseball Facility and spoke to them about his experience playing in college. The team also got to go down on the field and in the dugout during Cal Poly's batting practice session.

In the dugout the team hung out with Denholm and also got to meet Davis coaches - Matt Vaughn, Lloyd Acosta and Ben Cordy. It was very cool to watch these 12U players shake hands with the coaches and introduce themselves. Skills these players will utilize down the road as they enter high school and pursue their dream of playing in college.

Adding to the excitement of the day was a brief chat for the players with Cal Poly starting pitcher and Hard 90 Alum Darren Nelson.

Big thank you to Logan Denholm and the UC Davis coaching staff!

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