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When it comes to baseball instruction, Hard 90 Baseball is unique.



To start, Hard 90 Baseball has a complete, documented curriculum.  This curriculum was developed in conjunction with an advisory board of expert baseball coaches from Rocklin High School, Stanford Baseball, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

This curriculum is a living document - with every coach that walks through the door, our team at Hard 90 tries to learn something new from to make us better at teaching the game of baseball. The existence of a documented curriculum is extremely important, as it allows our coaches to be on the same page when teaching the game of baseball.  It also allows our players to develop consistently over time.


Speaking of coaches, our coaches at Hard 90 are unique.  All of our coaches have collegiate and/or professional experience.  This experience allows our coaches to contribute to the curriculum from a point of expertise, but more importantly it allows the coach to relate to and communicate with players on the mental side of the game.

In addition to having played at a high level, the coaches are employees of Hard 90.  This is an important distinction because it allows Hard 90 to teach from a common curriculum.  The employee/employer relationship also allows Hard 90 to perform complete background checks (both expertise and criminal) on the coaches. When we select coaches, given both our Owner and General Manager have young men in the program, our standard is simply whether or not would we want this individual to influence our own children.

We are extremely pleased with the collection of coaches that we have assembled at Hard 90.  The average tenure of the current coaching staff is approximately 5 years.  This level of consistency says a lot for their passion about developing the next generation of young men through the game of baseball.

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