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High School Programs

Hard 90 offers a variety of training programs to cater to your player's interests and needs. We strive to help you prepare for your high school baseball season and beyond.

the combine

Do you desire to play baseball at the highest level?

Hard 90 Baseball has 17 years of experience preparing players for the highest level.  400+ Hard 90 Alumni have played either college and professional baseball.

Do you desire to be the best player on your high school varsity team?

The Hard 90 Combine was established in 2014 and since that time participants have gone on to be an impact player on their high school team and pursue baseball collegiately and professionally for Kansas, Pepperdine, Pacific, Stanford, Dodgers, Cardinals to name a few.

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High School Hitting

Hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports. Continual success at the plate requires a defined approach, athleticism, proper movement patterns, good eyesight, and relentless training.

At Hard 90 Baseball, we believe that every player's swing is unique and all of our training is designed to maximize exit speed and contact consistency.

The objective of high school hitting is to allow high school players the opportunity to train in a dynamic environment with professional instruction leveraging state of the art technology and defined metrics.

What is High School Hitting?

  • For High School Players ages 13 & Up 

  • Offered 6 days a week at The Clubhouse in El Dorado Hills

  • Duration of 1 hour

  • Hit live BP with our Hard 90 Instructors

  • Membership is $149/month

  • Includes Weekend Facility Access



  • Monday - Thursday 8-9 PM

  • Saturday 3-4 PM

  • Sunday 1-2 PM

The hitting session features:

  • Dynamic Warm Up

  • Posture Drills

  • Tee Progression

  • Overhand front toss stations

  • Live Batting Practice

  • Exit Speed Training

  • HitTrax Assessments 1X per month

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