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NEW: Exit Speed Guide

For almost two decades, Hard 90 Baseball has been meticulously tracking batted ball exit speeds to revolutionize training. Our collected data forms a guideline, reflecting the improvements players can achieve.

The Importance of Exit Speed: Why It Matters

Exit speed is pivotal in baseball success. The harder you hit the ball, the higher the probability of favorable results. Increased exit speed means shorter fielding time for defenders and higher chances of finding gaps in the defense. It's a game-changer that significantly impacts a player's performance.

How to Boost Exit Speed

  1. Proper Mechanics: Mastering your swing mechanics optimizes power transfer to the ball. Our programs focus on refining your technique to maximize exit speed.

  2. Strength Training: Building core and upper body strength amplifies your hitting prowess. Our training routines are tailored to enhance your physical capabilities.

  3. Approach: Strategic hitting is vital. We guide you in reading pitchers, pitch selection, and timing, all of which contribute to powerful hits.

Tailored Programs for Enhanced Exit Speed

Hard 90's Power Hitting, JR. High Hitting, and High School Hitting are intricately designed to elevate your batted ball exit speed. We understand the data, translate it into effective training, and empower you to achieve your desired levels of performance.

Discover The Hard 90 Mindset

If your ambition is to excel in baseball and beyond, delve into "The Hard 90 Mindset," an Amazon #1 bestseller. This guide offers insights to maximize your potential on the diamond and in life.

Elevate your game with Hard 90 Baseball. Transform your exit speed, transform your results. Unleash your true potential today! 🚀⚾️ #Hard90Baseball #EnhanceYourExitSpeed #UnleashYourPotential


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