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#collegebound Selecting A Summer Team

Another summer weekend at a travel baseball tournament and I had a conversation with yet another dad of a rising senior that wants to help their son play in college - but does not know where to start.

Sal started off the conversation telling me about his son Alex. Alex grew up playing travel baseball for a good local travel baseball organization. He was a very fundamental player; however, does not have any tools that standout. As he entered high school, two of his buddies were recruited to play for a prominent national travel ball team - The D1 Bound Ballers. Not wanting to be left out, Sal got his son a tryout with the D1 Bound Ballers and was offered a spot on their #2 team, while his buddies were offered spots on the #1 team.

The D1 Bound Ballers is a great organization - that does a fantastic job at getting their #1 team top level competition and exposure. The D1 Bound Ballers has a long list of D1 players and professional players - the vast majority of these have come from the #1 team.