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40 Little League Teams In 40 Days

Little League Season is here and Hard 90 is excited to announce its annual 40 teams in 40 days program. The Hard 90 Foundation is sponsoring 40 FREE Little League Team Sessions with a Professional Hard 90 Coach.

40 Little League Teams will have the opportunity to come to the Hard 90 Clubhouse and participate in a hitting workout. In this workout team members will learn 3 key principles in hitting and all of the necessary training drills to make this their Best Season Ever!

Hitting a baseball is one of the hardest things to do in all of sports. Many tie fun and success in Little League to a players ability to hit the ball. Given the difficulty of hitting and the direct tie to fun of baseball, Hard 90 created this program to help as many players as possible learn fundamental hitting techniques to have greater success.

Space is limited to 40 Teams. Call The Clubhouse at 916.365.4977 to sign up today!

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