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"I was so happy to finally get through a book that has practical tips for success as a student athlete - and one that is still a great read for us parents too. I have read virtually every mindset and leadership book as an employee in the corporate world, and this rivals any best seller out there as easy to read and digest, but also thought provoking with new ideas to implement."

- Lisa T. 

Do you want your athlete to reach their potential on the baseball diamond? In this book, Eric Walczykowski presents a practical and proven strategy for reaching your full potential on the baseball field and in life beyond.


The Hard 90 Process and Philosophy are illustrated by anecdotes and insights gained through coaching high school and youth athletes that attained a high level of success on the diamond and in life. Eric combines strategies and tactics utilized in the corporate world and on the baseball diamond to bring to life a strategy for youth athletes to become elite. This book is intended for high school and youth athletes, their parents and youth coaches.

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Cooperstown dreams

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I received the book as a gift. As a teacher the message of 'Never giving up', 'Working for your dreams' and 'Respect for your purpose', was received loud and clear. It is a wonderful story that all parents should read with the hope to help their child realize what their dreams are and help them get there."

- Catherine W.

A trip to Cooperstown to play baseball for a 12 year old has been a magical experience since the first tournament park was opened in the mid 1990’s. The stories about tournaments, games and players are passed down through youth baseball. For those in the know – a trip to Cooperstown is a must to cap off a players youth baseball experience.


In this book, Eric Walczykowski shares the story of the Hard 90 Clutch, a 12U team that visited Cooperstown Dreams Park. Coach Eric provides insight to the forming of the team when the boys were 8 years old, the preparation of the team for the trip and the exciting daily details from the boys’ unforgettable week.


about the author

Eric Walczykowski is a husband, father, baseball coach and corporate executive. Through the years, Eric has had the opportunity to serve technology and life science companies as CEO, Division President, Venture Capitalist, Board Member and Advisor. Eric and his wife Colleen own Hard 90 Baseball.

In his 10+ years as a coach, he has seen a lot of misinformation surrounding what it takes to be successful. Eric was inspired by his coaching background and his career as an executive to write The Hard 90 Mindset in order to inform players and parents about what it takes to succeed on and off the field. 

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