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Hitting Tunnels

Hitting Tunnels

Our facility has 6 hitting tunnels that are used in hitting lessons, camps, and many classes. A few of our hitting tunnels utilize cutting edge technology, such as our Iron Mike Machine, HitTrax System, and E-Hack Attack Machine. 

The Iron Mike baseball pitching machine helps baseball players improve their hitting skills. The Iron Mike is arm-style, which means with each pitch you see the machine's arm wind up and release the ball. This gives the batter the same sense of timing achieved by watching a pitcher's arm and release of the ball. It is the realistic nature of the machine (the only type of pitching machine of its kind) that allows you to practice the same fundamentals during practice as you use on the field during a real game.

Iron Mike

The Baseball e-Hack Attack is our Programmable pitching machine. This state of the art machine allows you to dial in any change in speed, location and pitch type to deliver any fastball, right or left hand breaking pitch, sliders or change-ups.

Pitches can be set in any sequence, weighted or random, to allow a hitter to work on weaknesses or to prepare for an upcoming pitcher.

With the complete vision and timing of the Hack Attack (ball will not be coming out of a black box), this unit will provide the most realistic batting practice possible…it will truly be “just like a live pitcher".

E-Hack Attack

The HitTrax System is the only baseball simulator on the market.  This state of the art system allows Hard 90 instructors to simulate game situations on the baseball field, while measuring key hitting performance such as batted ball exit speed and launch angle among others.​ The HitTrax is also used for playing indoor baseball games.


Pitching Mounds

Pitching Mounds

Hard 90's facility is well equipped for pitching development.  The Clubhouse boasts 5 pitching mounds with distances marked off ranging from 40' to 60'6".  The facility is also equipped with Zone In Swing Away targets, a Jaegar Band Fence, a plyo wall, an area for long toss, and Stalker Radar guns for accurate velocity measurement.

Infield Space

Infield Space

Hard 90 has a large netted in area for infield practice and development.  The space is frequently used for infield clinics for fielders working on posture drills, footwork, dry drills, ground ball fungo, pitcher fielding practice and turning double plays.

The Lounge

The Lounge

The Lounge completes The Clubhouse culture. Our players enjoy a snack and a break between workouts in a comfy chair watching or mixing it up on the PS4 over a game of MLB The Show. Parents also enjoy a work table and WiFi to pass time during private lessons.

Our lounge area has:

  • A comfortable leather couch

  • 4 leather club chairs

  • 4 TVs with DirectTV and MLB Package

  • A large table with chairs

  • A vending machine with various beverages

  • A PS4 gaming system, complete with 2 controllers and baseball games

Alumni Pictures and Pennants

We highlight some of our 300+ alumni that have gone on to play baseball at the collegiate level and beyond in these pictures above the lounge space. Our players can look up and see what is possible in the game of baseball. 

Sudsy Field

Sudsy Field

Sudsy Field was inspired by a trip to the Los Angeles Dodgers Spring Training Facility. Named after Hard 90 founder Rick Sundberg, Sudsy Field (a short field) is home to many competitive games of wiffle ball games during camps.  Hard 90 teams also use Sudsy Field to practice team defenses, such as 1st & 3rds, bunt defenses, cuts and relays, and many others.

The Gym

The Gym

The Hard 90 Gym is a place of true separation for today's athletes.  The gym is complete with crossfit racks, plyometric boxes, Olympic free weights, a plyo wall, full length mirrors, heavy bags, a vertical jump station among many other training aids to give the baseball player a competitive edge.

HOF Lockers

Hall Of Fame Lockers

If the 400+ Hard 90 Alumni that went on to play professional and collegiate ball is not enough to inspire players, Hard 90 has custom lockers representing each of the 9 positions on a baseball field.  The criteria for locker inclusion is a Hall of Fame Baseball Player that displayed an important element of the Hard 90 Culture.  Each locker is equipped with a custom made authentic game replica jersey of the period in which the player was in the MLB, a biography on the player, and a glove similar to the one used by the player.

Players featured:

  • Greg Maddux

  • Johnny Bench

  • Lou Gehrig

  • Jackie Robinson

  • Mike Schmidt

  • Cal Ripken

  • Ted Williams

  • Willie Mays

  • Babe Ruth

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