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Adjustment Leads To Walk Off Home Run

Go to any baseball field and it does not take you long to hear a coach talking to players about adjustments:

-"Keep your head down"

-"Stay in a straight line"

-"First step back"

-"Get your foot down"

-"Come get the baseball"

-and the list goes on...

Some of these suggestions work for players, but most do not. Have you ever wondered why most of the suggestions do not work?

They seem like reasonable ideas. Often times they are coming from a coach with a background in the game.

Yet at the root of whether the suggestion works or not is the underlying system the coach is teaching.

Does the player understand the main objectives and concepts for hitting, pitching, fielding, base running, etc?

Recently, a local high school player was told by his coach after he just missed the baseball and popped it straight up that the he need to keep his front shoulder in - that he was pulling off the baseball.

Now this suggestion in the middle of the at bat could create confusion for many:

-"How do I keep my front shoulder in?"

-"Are my hips going too early?"

-"Is my weight going to the 1st base dugout"

-and the list goes on...