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#1 Key To Success

As parents, we all want our ball players to reach their full potential on the field. One crucial step you can take right now is selecting an organization with exceptional coaches who prioritize player development. Observing collegiate and high-level high school baseball, it's evident that many players lack a solid foundation in the game.

This deficiency manifests in their hitting approach, pitching technique, baserunning, and situational defense. The reasons vary, from the pursuit of raw tools to team-hopping due to position or lineup concerns. Some dads start their own teams without a comprehensive curriculum. At Hard 90, we've spent 20 years refining our curriculum, which has yielded proven results. Our players receive accolades for their deep understanding of the game and refined skills, leading to increased playing time at higher levels. Developing a complete player takes time and commitment, but it's worth the investment.

The Importance of a Strong Foundation: Choosing the right organization sets the stage for your player's development. At Hard 90, we've crafted a curriculum that equips players with the knowledge and skills to excel. From hitting to pitching, we emphasize a comprehensive understanding of the game. Our approach goes beyond swinging for power or throwing with maximum velocity. We prioritize a well-rounded skill set and a strategic mindset that leads to success on the field. By instilling this mentality and work ethic in our players, we empower them to outwork their competition in practice, making them undeniable forces on the field.

Maximizing Playing Time: Playing time is a common concern for parents and players alike. Our philosophy is simple: outwork the competition to become demonstrably better. Through our curriculum and training, players gain a deep understanding of the game, refine their skills, and showcase their abilities on the field. When players possess exceptional knowledge and refined tools, there's no doubt they are the best. This mindset, combined with a relentless work ethic, positions our players to excel at the highest levels of baseball.

Choosing the right organization with exceptional coaches is crucial in unlocking your player's potential. At Hard 90, we've honed our curriculum over two decades, resulting in players who possess a true understanding of the game and refined skills. Developing a complete player takes time, dedication, and a commitment to hard work. By instilling a deep knowledge of the game and cultivating a strong work ethic, we empower our players to outshine the competition. Don't settle for shortcuts.


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