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New Hitting Programs

The importance of maintaining good hitting mechanics during the season cannot be overstated. In order to achieve optimum success at the plate, it is necessary to stay disciplined and focused. With Hard 90 coaches, you can refine your hitting mechanics and develop a sound approach at the plate.

For high school hitters, a Hard 90 hitting membership with unlimited access provides extra reps and the ability to review game video to help identify areas for improvement. With mechanics tailored to your style of play, you can optimize contact and power to become an impact player at the high school level.

For junior high hitters, unlimited access to a Hard 90 hitting membership is key to developing into an impact high school hitter. This provides the necessary time to develop sound mechanics and approach, resulting in more confidence at the plate and a higher chance of success.

For little leaguers, power hitting classes are the perfect way to get the necessary reps to develop confidence in games. With Hard 90 coaches, players can develop proper hitting mechanics and approach.

For softball players, power hitting classes are also available to help develop sound mechanics and approach to dominate the game. A hitting membership with Hard 90 includes access to $25 private lessons, allowing for even more focused attention on developing hitting skills. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your game with Hard 90's hitting program.

Established in 2005, Hard 90 is here to help you have your Best Season Ever. Whether it is your senior year of high school, your last year of jr. high, your first year of little league, or you are an aspiring softball player we have committed coaches and training programs that will support you on your journey.

In addition to proven training programs, Hard 90 fields high school and youth baseball club teams.

Finally, the team at Hard 90 has over 20 years of providing youth camps for aspiring baseball and softball players. These camps offer the perfect balance of fundamental skill development and fun games.


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