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Cooperstown Day 6

While the boys earned the opportunity to sleep in - they found out that when you wake up at the same time every day - you naturally wake up at the same time everyday. All the boys woke up between 7:00AM and 7:30AM.

After reviewing the keys to success for the day, the boys made their bed and headed to the showers. After showering, the team gathered for a brief meeting before heading out to the cafeteria for breakfast.

At 9:15AM, all of the boys were checked out of the Village to head to the Hall of Fame. Each boy was given a ticket with their Cooperstown Dreams Park entrance. The boys gathered in front of the Hall of Fame for a team picture and then headed into the Hall as a team. The first destination, was the theater where the boys watched a special production on Hall of Famers “Generations of the Game” and what the game meant to them.

After the movie, the team headed off in groups - many with their fathers and mothers to tour the Hall of Fame. The Clutch is made up of baseball families - Red Sox fans, Giants fans, Cubs fans, and yes Yankees fans - so each area of the Hall meant something different to each family - but as a coach - it was absolutely incredible to watch 11 young men that have grown up in the game together - tour baseba