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#1 Way Out of a Hitting Slump

Every great player at one time or another goes into a hitting slump. These slumps can last anywhere from a game, to a week, to a month, to a whole season.

During these slumps, your mind starts to play tricks on you. The longer you are in the slump the more you question your ability.

The only way out of a hitting slump is to swing your way out.

Stay consistent in your training. Consistency through process builds confidence.

Have a plan at the plate. A consistent plan builds confidence.

Decide to swing at the pitch before it is thrown. This creates only one decision in the box - to not swing. Knowing that you are swinging at the pitch builds confidence.

Finally - celebrate the process - take your best swing at three pitches. If you do that - you succeed in the process.

If you work consistently with a coach in a training program- any slump you go into will be shorter.

Check out Hard 90 Power Hitting Programs - offering consistent training programs designed to build confidence at the plate.

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