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Offseason Training Pays Off Big

Hard 90 Combine Members Dylan Hartmann, Devon Walczykowski and Nate Stoddard know the value of offseason workouts. Last offseason they began their fall workouts with 5 Tool testing to get a baseline to build on. All three leveraged Hard 90 Baseball Training to significantly improve - Dylan and Devon are now up to 98MPH off the tee and Nate's exit speed increased nearly 15MPH to up to 85MPH off the tee. All three are featured in the video above hitting big fly's in the game.

If you are a serious ball player, then the offseason is essential to succeeding in season. A good offseason program starts off with 5 tool testing to get a baseline. From there programs should be designed to train the 5 tools.

Hard 90 is the area pioneer and leader in offseason training having developed a professional style high school combine 5 years ago. This combine allows the players to train the 5 tools and see significant gains in their 60 time, bat exit speed and throwing velocity. Additionally, participants are able to improve their movement patterns and mental aspects of the game.

Speaking of movement patterns, Hard 90's high school hitting offers a great value to improving your performance in the box. Members can hit 7 days a week under the guidance of a professional instructor. Additionally, the high school hitting is specifically designed to improve movement patters and strength to increase batted ball exit speed.

Finally, if you are looking to refine your swing, or develop a new pitch, weekly private instruction is the perfect training program. Having a professional coach in your corner is a sure way to have your best season ever.

Do not wait, the season is getting closer everyday. Call The Clubhouse at 916.365.4977 to get in the game.

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