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Did You Fail At The Plate This Weekend?

As a game of failure, baseball is one of the hardest youth sports - 3 times every game your player takes center stage at home plate in a confrontation with the pitcher. Even the most successful hitters will fail more than they succeed. That said, how you react to the failure will determine how successful of a baseball player you will be.

It never fails, the Hard 90 phone rings off the hook Monday morning after weekend baseball from parents whose player did not have success over the weekend. Parents are looking for a solution to help their player succeed more at the plate. The most common request is a one off private lesson.

As a baseball school, we gladly oblige and schedule that one off private lesson; however, we are on a mission to arm our players with the right training to help them succeed. That is why we started the Power Hitting and Advanced Power Hitting Classes.

In order to succeed at the plate, you need to have the right mindset, the right approach, movement patterns that fit your body and the athleticism to pull them off while the pitcher is trying to get you out! The only way to have repeated success at the plate is to train these movement patterns and specific athleticism. Our elite hitters train 5 days a week.

Even then our elite hitters have some weekends where they struggle. We tell them that is simply part of the game. We then break down their video and then get back to work.

So next time your son struggles at the plate, remember baseball is a game of failure. The best thing you can do to help him is make sure he has good coaching and a strong ongoing training routine to help him have success.

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