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Power Up Your Swing: Little League Hitting Tips

To achieve success in hitting during little league, a regimented routine outside of team practice is essential. The best hitters in little league are hitting 5 days a week with a routine that includes posture drills, tee work, front toss and live batting practice. This blog post focuses on the power hitting class offered at Hard 90, which can help little leaguers improve their hitting mid-season.

Posture drills are a crucial aspect of hitting in little league, as they solidify the proper mechanics. A good instructor at Hard 90 will help young hitters learn the proper mechanics of hitting and help them to stay balanced throughout their swing. This foundation of solid hitting mechanics will help little leaguers develop consistent swings, which is essential for success.

Refining the approach to hitting is another key element that young hitters need to learn. Tee work is a great way to refine approach as it allows players to focus on hitting specific pitches in specific locations. Instructors at Hard 90 will provide drills and techniques to refine players' approach to hitting, increasing their chances of success at the plate.

Front toss and live batting practice is where game-like scenarios come into play. Instructors will throw pitches that mimic game situations and help players work on hitting the ball where it is pitched. Consistent and quality repetition with game-like practice is crucial to help little leaguers gain confidence and develop a successful approach at the plate.

It is important to understand that hitting is the hardest thing to do in sports, and it requires practice with a professional coach. The power hitting class at Hard 90 offers access to professional instructors, who can help young hitters develop personalized fundamental hitting techniques and an approach and mindset for success.

A power hitting membership at Hard 90 includes access to $25 private lessons, facility access and discounts on camps. By taking advantage of this membership, little leaguers can develop the necessary skills and techniques to be successful hitters on the field, and increase their chances of success in the sport.


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