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Maximizing Your High School Summer Season: A Self-Assessment Guide

At the halfway point of the high school summer season, it's essential to evaluate your goals and make the most of this critical time. Are you aiming to have a more impactful high school season next year, or is gaining exposure your primary objective? In this blog post, we'll explore key questions to help you determine if you're maximizing your high school summer and offer an exciting opportunity to elevate your game with Hard 90's High School Summer Program, featuring former MiLB SF Giants instructor Gary Davenport.

Pursuing an Impactful High School Season: If your goal is to have a more impactful high school season next year, ask yourself:

  • Am I getting sufficient practice reps to improve my skills?

  • Do I dedicate consistent training to develop my hitting ability five days a week?

  • Do I have access to comprehensive defensive training to refine my skills?

  • Have I enlisted the help of a speed and agility coach to work on my speed tool?

  • Am I working with a strength coach to gain muscle mass and improve my power?

Seeking Exposure: If your objective is exposure and potentially attracting the attention of college programs, consider:

  • Do I possess Division I tools, such as consistent exit speeds exceeding 85 mph off the tee?

  • Can I throw the ball with velocity over 85 mph?

  • Can I achieve a 7.0 60-yard dash time, or

  • Am I a rising senior and open to opportunities at the DII/DIII or NAIA level?

The Training Solution: If your answers to the above questions indicate the need for further development, training is the key. Hard 90's High School Summer Program provides an exceptional opportunity to pursue your dreams. With the expertise of Gary Davenport, a former MiLB SF Giants instructor, you'll receive top-notch coaching and guidance to elevate your skills and maximize your potential.

High school summer is a crucial period for athletes looking to enhance their game and achieve their goals. Whether your aim is to have a more impactful high school season or gain exposure, self-assessment is the first step. If you identify areas for improvement, don't miss out on the chance to join Hard 90's High School Summer Program. With the guidance of Gary Davenport, a respected instructor, you'll receive comprehensive training and support to unlock your full potential. Sign up now and make this summer a stepping stone toward reaching your aspirations!


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