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HARD90 Hightlight: Roc Murray & Dean Stotz Overseeing 2022 Travel Teams

We're excited to announce that Hard90 Partners Roc Murray and Dean Stotz will be overseeing our 2022 Travel Ball Teams! Murray and Stotz bring an extensive tenure of knowledge and experience to Hard90, and we can't wait to get rolling with them for the next travel ball seasons.

Roc Murray, legendary baseball coach from Rocklin High School will lead the baseball operations and the high school baseball program at Hard 90. In Roc's 35 years coaching high school baseball, his teams racked up 10 league titles, 17 playoff berths, 5 section championship appearances and 3 section titles. Over 100 players went on to play collegiate baseball, 16 played professionally and 2 are in Major League Baseball. Roc is a cofounder of College Baseball Match, advisor to Game Changer, leader of the curriculum for Headfirst Baseball Camps and the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox youth camps.