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Hard 90: Youth Pitching

As the baseball season approaches, little league pitchers are gearing up to take the mound and show off their skills. But what separates a great pitcher from an average one? The answer lies in training proper mechanics, conditioning the arm, developing command, and attacking the zone. These skills are essential for success on the mound and can be developed with the help of the Hard 90 Baseball Power Pitching Program.

First and foremost, training proper mechanics is crucial for pitchers of all ages. A sound pitching motion allows a player to maximize their velocity, minimize stress on the arm, and repeat the same mechanics pitch after pitch. Proper mechanics can be taught and reinforced through consistent practice with a qualified coach or instructor. It's important to note that even the slightest deviation from proper mechanics can lead to decreased velocity, accuracy, and potentially even injury.

Next, conditioning the arm is equally important. Playing catch on a regular basis helps condition the arm and develop strength, which allows a pitcher to throw more pitches and prevent injury. It's important to gradually increase the intensity and length of throwing sessions over time.

Once proper mechanics and conditioning have been established, developing command is the next step. Command refers to the ability to locate pitches consistently within the strike zone. The two most important pitches for a Little League pitcher to master are the fastball and the changeup. The fastball is typically a pitcher's best pitch, and the changeup is designed to deceive batters by looking like a fastball but traveling slower. A pitcher who can throw both of these pitches for strikes will be able to keep hitters off balance and succeed on the mound.

Finally, attacking the zone and throwing strikes is essential for any pitcher. Pitchers who can consistently throw strikes will force batters to swing and make contact, resulting in more outs and fewer walks. It's important to be aggressive and attack the strike zone, especially early in the count.

The Hard 90 Baseball Power Pitching Program is designed to help young pitchers develop all of these essential skills. The program includes personalized coaching, proper mechanics and pitching mindset to help players reach their full potential. By training with the Hard 90 program, young pitchers can develop proper mechanics, condition their arms, develop command of their fastball and changeup, and learn to attack the strike zone. This comprehensive approach will help young pitchers have their best season ever.

In conclusion, proper mechanics, conditioning, command, and aggression are all essential for young pitchers to succeed on the mound. The Hard 90 Baseball Power Pitching Program provides the tools and training necessary for young pitchers to develop these skills and reach their full potential. With the right training and dedication, young pitchers can achieve great success and have a memorable season.


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