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2022 High School Combine

As many of you have noticed, Hard 90 Baseball is bringing back the High School Combine. This is a comprehensive training program that we started several years ago to foster an environment where high school players that desired to reach elite levels could train together.

The program is designed to help high school players utilize the fall/winter offseason to make significant gains in the five tools of baseball and prepare for the upcoming baseball season.

My son Devon (now playing at Pepperdine) truly enjoyed this program as it gave him the opportunity to train hard with his buddies - many who have gone on to play both collegiately and professionally. In fact, many of the ball players that I coached in the Bay Area would join the training on the weekends and holiday breaks.

For this years coaching lineup, we have enlisted Gary Davenport from the San Francisco Giants to lead the hitting aspects of the program. Gary is the most tenured Giants coach and has been working with Hard 90 hitters since 2005.

For the throwing (and pitching), Caleb Balbuena will lead this training. Caleb has been working with pitchers nationally and is currently the pitching coach at Folsom Lake College.

Finally, the strength, speed and agility will be lead by Doug Casebier from Our House Fitness. Doug has trained several baseball players over the years.

Due to the rigorous training schedule, the combine is by invitation only. If you are interested in being considered for the program, please register your interest.


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