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6 Actions To Gain An Edge During COVID

Are you making the most of your shelter in place time?

Athletes that achieve great things on the diamond and in life do things differently.

Hard 90 Baseball Owner Eric Walczykowski wrote The Hard 90 Mindset to offer amateur athletes and their parents a look into a process and philosophy behind some of the most successful Hard 90 Alumni (and business executives.)

The COVID 19 Shelter in Place offers athletes that aspire to accomplish great things an opportunity to separate from the pack.

Athletes that subscribe to the Hard 90 Mindset will:

1. Set goals they want to accomplish academically and athletically

2. Plan their days to include academic studying, athletic training and downtime

3. Stay connected to their team and coaches

4. Read about baseball to sharpen their mind

5. Review their plan weekly to assess progress and to plan the next week

6. High school athletes should include test prep (SAT or ACT studying) and recruiting as part of their daily activities

Hard 90 has worked with county and state officials to offer training classes for our athletes that comply with government regulations:

1. Winter indoor team member workouts were moved to Mather Sports Complex for clinics led by Gary Davenport

2. Strive member workouts have been moved outside The Clubhouse

3. Power hitting and power pitching workouts have been moved outside The Clubhouse

The athletes at Hard 90 continue to make great progress toward their dreams. You can too -call The Clubhouse today at 916.365.4977 to get started!

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