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Train At Home Tools

COVID 19 has shut down organized training at facilities - but you can still make progress toward your goals!

Hard 90 is offering FREE virtual training to team members and will be announcing training plans for all members of the Hard 90 community tomorrow.

In the meantime - here are some recommended tools to help you train at home (with links to amazon in the photo):

This net is good for setting up in the garage or backyard to practice hitting and throwing.

It can be used for tee, hitting weighted balls, side toss and behind toss.

It also can be used for throwing and plyocare work.

The Tanner tee is the most durable tee that Hard 90 has found. There are other less expensive options - but we have found that this tee holds up the best.

The tee is an essential training tool for all elite hitters.

Lite Flite balls are not essential to train at home, but these balls are a good option for those with confined spaces (small yard, garage or even in the house.)

These balls can be used for hitting and fielding practice.

Weighted plyo balls are great for hitting practice.

These ball can be used to hit off the tee and front toss.

The lacrosse ball is the perfect ball to practice fielding. It has more bounce than the tennis ball.

You can throw this ball against a wall, the side of the house or the garage to improve fielding.

Every baseball household needs some leather baseballs. These balls can be used to play catch, throw into a net, hit into a net, throw into a glove, and much more.

For our High School Combine Members and Power Trio Members - this plyo care set will be a good investment.

This will allow you to continue to train your arm at home by throwing into a net, a wall or the side of your house.

This bat weight set will allow our advanced hitters the ability to continue with their contrast training to improve bat speed.

The resistance bands are an essential piece to strength and conditioning, speed and agility for athletes.

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