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Baseball Lessons Learned From Kobe

The tragic helicopter crash on Sunday, January 26th that killed 9 people and took the iconic figure Kobe Bryant at the age of 41 is a reminder to us all that life is extremely fragile.

Many have put Kobe on a heroic pedestal for his basketball feats and others are reminding us of mortal transgressions of a far from perfect life. We at Hard 90 believe that there are some powerful lessons to be be learned from Kobe on the road to greatness.

As mentioned above - this accident is yet another reminder of how fragile life is - an opportunity to put life in perspective - and be thankful for all that we have been given - most importantly the relationships with others.

That said - Kobe did achieve greatness on the basketball court and anyone aspiring to legendary feats in sport or life can learn from his work ethic.