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Grit - One of Baseball’s Greatest Lessons

In business culture today, grit is touted as one of the ultimate predictors of success. In fact, Angela Duckworth wrote a New York Times Bestseller - Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance on the topic of grit and how it is often a predictor of success.

So if grit is so important to success in life - how do we instill grit in the next generation - particularly in today’s society where most parents do not want to see their children uncomfortable - let alone endure the pain and suffering from failure.

Baseball coached, played and supported right - is the ultimate training ground for grit. Baseball is a game full of passionate people - that by nature of the game - the very best players will fail more than they succeed.

No where in the game of baseball is the need for grit more exemplified than hitting - the ultimate confrontation.

In order to be a good hitter, a player must train 5 to 6 days a week - studying the right mindset to develop intent, train strength and posture to allow his body the ability to move correctly and practice hitting through a series of drills that creates the right movement patterns and timing.

All of this work put in and the best hitters will be successful 3 out of 10 times - failing 7 times!

Failure will naturally come to even the best hitters because a pitcher is training just as hard to beat the hitter by disrupting his timing through change of speeds, location and ball movement. If that is not enough, a defense is practicing just as hard to perfect their craft and not only make routine plays - but