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HS Combine Kicks Off

On August 1, 2019, Hard 90 Baseball kicked off the 6th Annual High School Baseball Combine.

Each player in the program has a personal workout program designed to improve their 5 tools of baseball - hit, hit for power, throw, run and field. This personal workout program is available to each athlete digitally and guides them through workouts from now until the high school baseball season.

Players can participate in 4 - 3 hour workouts per week with a professional instructor in hitting, throwing and strength and conditioning. (Players are encouraged to participate in at least 3 workouts for optimum results.) Additionally, these players have access to College Baseball Match - the industry's fastest growing collegiate recruiting program. Players have full facility access and access to college recruiting experts for advice on navigating high school baseball, summer ball, showcases, camps and collegiate recruiting.

During the 1st week, players completed full assessments in order to establish a personal workout program and are now off and running on their workouts.

Established in 2014, The Combine is an elite level program for high school baseball players that aspire to play in college. Over the last five years, we have seen velocity increase on average 5MPH, exit speed increase on average 7MPH and the 60-yard dash time decrease on average .3 seconds.

While the 1st Combine class is sold out, we are currently taking interest for a 2nd class here.

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