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#collegebound The Magic DI Pill

Over the years, we have been a part of thousands of players journey to college baseball. It seems that today - more and more parents and players are in search of that Magic Pill - the secret formula to become a DI player.

One of our on again/off again players recently called us to let us know that he found it. He found the training organization that allowed him to hit his goal of throwing 90MPH. This particular organization had the special workout program and the right training environment that allowed him to unlock 90MPH as a rising senior.

Sadly enough, we saw 90 MPH in this particular player as a rising sophomore - yet this player never stuck with a training plan or organization long enough to see the results. Through the years, this player has gone through 5 travel ball organizations, 4 training organizations and 3 high schools in search of that Magic DI Pill. All of this effort and to date this player has not had a meaningful conversation with a DI college baseball coach.