#clutchlife Benefits of Travel Baseball

In 2015, Hard 90 Baseball launched the 8U Pound. This team played a 9U Majors schedule for the first 6 months and while the development curve was straight up for this group - the win / loss record was something else - winning maybe 2 games in the first six months.

That said, the core 4 from this team stayed with the development process each season - and over the next two seasons picked up key team members to form what today is the Hard 90 Clutch.

The Hard 90 Clutch has had largely the same roster for the last three years. The Hard 90 Clutch continues to play the very best competition in the Western United States - including two matches against the 2018 National Champions. While this team boasts a sub .500 record - there is no doubt about what they are about - playing the very best competition to push each other to become the very best version of themselves.

Through the years of working together, this team has learned a core lesson in giving everything you have every game - doing their very best. These boys have learned the value of hard work - grinding on their skills - together as much as 5 to 6 days per week. Every workout is a friendly competition to see who can one up each other in a sprint, exit speed, ground balls or any other obstacle the coaching staff puts in front of them.

Speaking of together, this group has formed a brotherhood - putting the team before themselves. On the field - picking each other up through tough challenges and celebrating together many great moments. The team formed their own text group - holding each other accountable on their baseball development and of course planning fun events (any many other shenanigans that young men engage in.) Off the field you will find this pack celebrating each other's birthdays, swimming and never getting enough of baseball - battling on the wiffle ball field.

This group grinds together to overvcome adversity - they have learned that the most important pitch is the next one - and with that mentality you can never count them out. They have walked off several teams - scoring the necessary runs with two outs.

Finally - this group loves to learn. The vast majority of the team participated in a 7 week workshop in the The Young Champions Mind this past season to take their game to the next level.

No doubt about it - these guys are a team - and it has been extremely fun to watch them grow.

On July 19 - they culminate this season with a trip to Cooperstown Dreams Park - a trip of a lifetime - to celebrate these lifelong friendships that have been formed.

If you are looking for a club that celebrates Hard Work - doing your best - Team - working together to accomplish great things - Overcoming Adversity - not dwelling on what happened to you - but focusing on how you can overcome it and Learning - turning every situation into a learning experience. Check out our last open tryout on Tuesday - July 16.

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