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#clutchlife Benefits of Travel Baseball

In 2015, Hard 90 Baseball launched the 8U Pound. This team played a 9U Majors schedule for the first 6 months and while the development curve was straight up for this group - the win / loss record was something else - winning maybe 2 games in the first six months.

That said, the core 4 from this team stayed with the development process each season - and over the next two seasons picked up key team members to form what today is the Hard 90 Clutch.

The Hard 90 Clutch has had largely the same roster for the last three years. The Hard 90 Clutch continues to play the very best competition in the Western United States - including two matches against the 2018 National Champions. While this team boasts a sub .500 record - there is no doubt about what they are about - playing the very best competition to push each other to become the very best version of themselves.

Through the years of working together, this team h