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Making the Most Out of This Travel Baseball SeasoN

As we dive into another exciting travel baseball season, it's crucial to make the most of every opportunity. At Hard 90 Baseball, we've distilled our philosophy into four key principles to help you achieve your best season yet:

1. Show Up and Do Your Best

Showing up and giving your best effort is the foundation of the Hard 90 Mindset. This means attending all scheduled games and practices with maximum effort. Principle #1 in the Hard 90 Mindset is to give your best effort. The players who find the most success this season are not just those who attend required practices but those who put in extra work. Whether it's additional batting practice, extra time in the gym, or working on your fielding, the extra effort will pay off.

2. Work as a Team

Teamwork is essential in baseball, and it's Principle #2 of the Hard 90 Mindset. Remember, baseball is a team sport. Support your teammates, root them on, and help them improve. When one player falls, lift them up. A simple comment like, "Keep working, you got this," can make a huge difference. When a player strikes out, the next one steps up to find success. If a player makes an error, the pitcher throws another great pitch, and the next player makes the play. Teamwork and support are the backbone of a successful team.

3. Overcome Adversity

Adversity is a part of life and baseball. Principle #3 of the Hard 90 Mindset is about how you react to it. When the ball takes a bad hop, don't complain or blame a teammate. Move on to the next play. If an umpire makes a bad call, don't argue or make excuses; find another way to win. Overcoming adversity is about focusing on what you can control and responding positively to challenges.

4. Always Learn

Baseball is a game of learning. Principle #4 in the Hard 90 Mindset is that you win even when you lose if you learn. Remember, baseball is the perfect game, but it's not a game of perfection. Strive to learn something from every situation, whether it's a win or a loss. This approach will not only make you a better player but also ensure this is your best season ever.

By adhering to these four principles, you'll maximize your potential and contribute to your team's success. At Hard 90 Baseball, we've been training Sacramento's top baseball players since 2005, and over 400 athletes have gone on to play collegiate and professional baseball. Embrace the Hard 90 Mindset, and let's make this travel baseball season one to remember!

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