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Strength & Conditioning Pays Off

Hard 90 Baseball Players completed their first 8 week strength & conditioning cycle with Kime Human Performance Institute and Mini's House of Pain. The players' hard work showed both on and off the field.

Kime began the session testing Hard 90 players on 4 attributes - Power, Movement, Strength & Agility. Over the course of 8 weeks, the players attended 2 strength & conditioning sessions a week at Mini's - in addition to their baseball training. Kime then retested the players after the 8 weeks and many of the players saw big gains. These same players also had strong fall baseball seasons.

Since 2005, Hard 90 Baseball has been training elite level baseball players. Experience tells us that if you want to be an elite level athlete - strength & conditioning is an integral part of the equation.

Most of the players participating in the strength & conditioning program also participate in Advanced Power Hitting. Interested in taking your game to the next level - Call The Clubhouse today to get in the game!

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