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High School Exposure EXPOSED!

The number one overhyped term in high school baseball is EXPOSURE! This is one of the best marketing ploys in the industry with travel ball owners, showcase operators, recruiting services and many others touting that if you want your college dreams to come true you need to get exposure.

What no one is telling you is what exposure means. You see the pure statement by industry leaders about the need to get exposure sends parents every summer on a journey to get on a travel team that is going to play in the top tournaments in hopes that college coaches will attend their games and discover their son. This leads to a jam packed summer, spending thousands of dollars chasing the dream and the majority of the parents and players frustrated at the end of the summer.

But hey I get it - if there is a chance that your son is the one that comes home with an offer the chance was worth it. After all we want a better life for our kids and will do whatever it takes to help them with their dreams!

That said their is a better way! In High School Summer Ball Decoded, we gave you a simple formula to determine whether you should pursue exposure in summer baseball = if you are currently a D1 rated tools prospect or a high school senior then you should pursue targeted exposure.

If the formula says this is your summer for exposure, then there are two ways to go about the process - sign up for the travel team that travels the country and plays in the top tournaments and hope that college coaches attend your games and notice your son - or develop a targeted plan for which schools are a match, proactively contact the matching schools to determine their summer recruiting schedule and attend the events they will attend.

Obviously we believe in the latter approach and have designed our summer program around a targeted exposure process.

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