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The Private Lesson

Hard 90 has been offering private lessons for over 13 years. The private lesson is a great opportunity for a player to get one on one coaching with a professional instructor.

Private lessons are not a quick fix - but an opportunity for a player to develop a mentee relationship with a professional coach. The format of the private lesson allows the coach help the player develop an individualized approach to hitting, pitching or fielding and go deep with the coach on the mental side of the game.

In order to get the most out of a private lesson, it is important to develop consistency with a coach. Our elite players typically see their coach for a private lesson 1-2 times per week. This allows the coach to truly understand the player and develop an approach to helping the player with the physical and mental side of the game.

While the industry has developed a standard of 1/2 hour private lessons, Hard 90 does not believe that is adequate time for an effective and in depth workout. The optimal time for a private lesson is 1 hour. This timing allows the coach to adequately assess the players recent experience on the field, review any video brought in, run through a strong warm up, work on posture, run through drills to assimilate proper movement patterns, simulate live situations and review the session and provide takeaways.

Additionally, Hard 90 created the Power Programs to work effectively with private lessons. While private lessons provide high level individual instruction, the Power Programs insure that players get the right amounts of quality reps under with professional instruction.

That said, Hard 90 offers both 1/2 and 1 hour long private lessons and discounts on 5 packs of both to encourage an ongoing relationship for optimal effectiveness. You can book here.

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