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Practice with Purpose in 2023

A strong relationship with practice is one of the keys to playing high school and college baseball. In this era of "exposure", many are short cutting practice time in order to play games. In fact, many of the high school and college coaches we have spoken to suggest that they are "teaching the game more than ever, as some of the players have a lower baseball IQ as they are practicing the fundamentals less."

Do not fall into this trap. Learning the game from a good coach and building your baseball IQ is a way to truly differentiate yourself in this day and age.

When selecting your club team, look for a program that balances practice and training time with game time and exposure events. Evaluate coaches background in the game, history of players that have gone on to the next level and teaching style. Do they actively teach the game through practice, specific training and during the game - or have they put together a game schedule and roll out the balls for your to play.

When it comes to practice for your club team or high school program your relationship with practice is key to success:

  • Be the first player to arrive and the last one to leave

  • Seek to understand every element of knowledge the coach is trying to convey through active listening

  • Volunteer for whatever assignment is requested

  • Bring your very best attitude and effort every day

  • Outwork your teammates - realizing that there are players in the country trying to outwork you

  • Give 100% to every activity everyday

  • Discuss the game with your teammates

  • and finally - "Don't practice until you get it right - practice until you can't get it wrong!"

Establish in 2005, Hard 90 is the top training facility and club ball organization in the Sacramento Area. The Hard 90 Organization features High School and Youth Teams, Training Classes (HS Hitting, Little League Power Classes, Softball Power Hitting and Lil 90s), Camps and $25 Private Lessons for members. Hard 90's rich tradition boasts over 400 players that have gone on to collegiate and professional baseball.


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