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Baseball: The Ultimate Confrontation

"Baseball is a sport of confrontation!" - Dave Esquer - Head Baseball Coach, Stanford University.

This confrontation goes back to caveman days where two warriors each have a weapon - one has a rock and the other has a stick. In baseball, the pitcher has a rock (baseball) and his job is to beat the batter who has a stick (bat). Success for that pitcher is a strikeout or a poorly hit ball.

In contrast, the batter has a stick (bat) and his job is to beat the pitcher who has a rock (ball). Success for the batter is a hard hit baseball.

Understanding this confrontation is the beginning of success on the baseball field. By understanding that an at bat is a confrontation, the pitcher and the hitter can properly prepare for success. The winner of this confrontation usually wins in two areas - mindset and execution of movement patterns.

The winning mindset is one that has a strong baseball IQ to understand the situation and what they are trying to accomplish in that situation. Mindset also has to do with intent - the player that most often wins executes proper movement patterns with intent.

Speaking of movement patters, superior movement patterns executed with the right mindset win. Developing superior movement patterns comes down to knowledge, training, and athleticism. In order to develop these movement patterns, a player needs to know what they are, train to perfect them and develop the athleticism to do them well.

Thus, the confrontation is often won long before game day in the preparation.

Is your player preparing for success in the confrontation? Elite players are training 4 to 5 days a week to win that confrontation.

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