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College Baseball Match Leaderboard

Last week, our partner College Baseball Match released their leaderboard for Sacramento Area High School Players on Bat Exit Speed, Throwing Velocity and the 60 Yard Dash. These measurements are key factors in baseball tool evaluation.

College Baseball Match is working their way through all of the high schools in the Sacramento Area performing testing days for the players. These baseline measurements are critical as they give an indicator of ability to play college baseball, possibility of success in high school baseball and for the serious baseball player - a baseline measurement for which to start training.

As we shared in an earlier post - The Five Tools Can Be Trained. Through our partnership, Hard 90 is able to access these critical numbers to help athletes develop specific plans to succeed in high school and train for college.

If you are serious about becoming an impact player in high school and playing in college - check out High School Hitting or call The Clubhouse at 916.365.4977 to inquire about our invite only High School Combine.

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