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Play Less - Train More!

So no club ball in the winter - will I fall behind? The answer is an absolute NO - if you take the time to develop your tools. Leverage the quantifiable measurements in The 5 Tools of Baseball Can Be Trained and take a baseline measurement. From there develop a training plan.

The best training plans are laid out by experts in the field. For strength and conditioning, Hard 90 Baseball has developed individual workout plans for combine and strive members. We believe that the winter is the perfect time to prioritize strength and conditioning and workouts should be 3 days a week with an accompanying meal plan for maximum gains. Since August our players have seen sizable gains.

The winter also presents an excellent time to focus on the hit and hit for power tool. Hard 90 believes that players should work on hitting year round to be an elite hitter. The best and easiest way to improve the hit tool is to enroll in High School Hitting. Players can hit 7 days a week under the guidance of a professional instructor with a specific workout designed to improve contact ratio and batted ball exit speed. (Players show significant gains hitting in our program 3 days per week.) Hard 90 leverages state of the art technology to make sure your goals are on track (exit speed and launch angle.)

For the field tool, winter represents the perfect time to improve. Elite players enlist the help of a professional coach to work on posture, footwork, movement patters, mental approach and quality reps.

Finally, Hard 90 Baseball believes that the winter is a great time improve your arm strength. Combine and Strive members have a personalized program to increase velocity and improve arm health.

Hard 90's High School Combine and Strive Programs are elite level training for players in the Sacramento region. Call the Clubhouse today to get in the game.

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