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Maximize Your Softball Potential with Hard 90's Expanded Coaching Team

Are you looking to improve your softball game? Look no further than Hard 90's rapidly growing softball training program! Our program features three key areas of focus - Power Hitting, Power Pitching, Camp and $25 Private Lessons - designed to help you become the best player you can be.

We're proud to announce the addition of three new coaches to our program, each bringing their own unique experiences and expertise to the table. Let's meet our new coaches!

First, Coach Chuck Martinez. Coach Chuck has over 11 years of coaching experience, including 5 years as the Varsity Coach at Union Mine High School and 2 off-seasons coaching the Bethany University travel softball team. Coach Chuck offers private lessons and teaches our Power Softball classes, bringing a wealth of knowledge and passion for the game to our program.

Next, Coach Gina McDuff. Coach McDuff is a seasoned player, having started playing softball at the age of 5 and competing in Nationals at the age of 12. With a background as a starting left-handed pitcher and hitter, Coach McDuff offers private lessons at Hard 90, sharing her skills and experiences with our players.

Last but not least, Coach Josh Needles. Coach Needles has a background in baseball and has been coaching softball for 8 years, including over 500 hours of individual lessons. Coach Needles offers private lessons and serves as the assistant coach for the 12U Future Travel Ball team, bringing his expertise and passion for the sport to Hard 90.

With our focus on Power Hitting, Power Pitching, Camp and Private Lessons, and the addition of Coach Martinez, Coach McDuff, and Coach Needles, Hard 90 is the ideal place to take your softball game to the next level. Contact us today to learn more and join our rapidly growing softball program!"


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