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Introducing Hard 90 Baseball's Jr. High Hitting Program – Your Path to Impactful High School Success

🚀 Elevate Your Game: At Hard 90, we believe in the power of dedicated practice. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our Jr. High Hitting Program, designed to hone your hitting craft and propel you to high school stardom.

⚾ Unlock Your Potential: Our comprehensive curriculum targets foundational movement patterns, ensuring you develop a rock-solid hitting foundation. You'll work on specific drills to improve your hit tool and unlock your power-hitting potential. Developing a strategic approach at the plate is key to repeated success.

💪 6 Days a Week: To truly become an impact player, consistency is key. Our Jr. High Hitting Program runs 6 days a week, allowing you to fine-tune your skills, gain confidence, and be prepared to shine in high school ball.

🎯 Open to All Jr. Ball Players: If you're in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade and eager to make a difference in high school baseball, this program is for you. Join us at Hard 90 Baseball and embrace the right mindset for repeated success while unlocking your full potential.


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