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Becoming the Elite: Unleashing Your Potential

Reaching the top echelon of high school baseball or softball requires unwavering dedication and a relentless work ethic. While most players show up to practice and work hard, the elite stand out by putting in the extra hours when no one is watching. Hard 90 Baseball understands the journey to greatness and offers a proven path to becoming the top player on your high school team. Let's delve into the training regimen that sets the elite apart.

  1. Going Beyond Practice: The average player's effort is confined to practice hours, but the best players are willing to do more. They are the first ones on the field, putting in extra reps, and the last ones to leave, perfecting their craft. Hard 90 encourages this dedication and cultivates the mindset of putting in the extra effort that leads to greatness.

  2. Committing to Strength and Conditioning: The elite players understand the importance of physical conditioning to excel on the diamond. They dedicate three days a week to strength and conditioning workouts, building the power and endurance needed to outperform opponents. Hard 90's comprehensive training programs emphasize physical development to maximize your potential.

  3. Embracing Speed and Agility: Speed and agility are game-changers in high school baseball and softball. The top players commit two days a week to speed and agility training, honing their ability to make quick moves and dominate on the bases. At Hard 90, we emphasize agility and speed training to elevate your game.

  4. Mastering the Fundamentals: Hitting and throwing are fundamental to any baseball or softball player's success. The elite dedicate five days a week to hitting and throwing workouts, ensuring their mechanics are flawless and their skills unparalleled. Hard 90's hitting classes, available for both high school and junior high players, offer expert coaching to unlock your potential.

  5. Position-Specific Workouts: The best players understand the value of position-specific training. They devote 2 to 3 days a week to perfecting their skills in their designated positions. Hard 90 offers specialized classes to elevate your performance at any position and make you a true asset to your team.

Hard 90 Baseball is your trusted partner on the journey to becoming an elite high school baseball or softball player. Our programs offer hitting classes for high school and junior high players six to seven days a week, position-specific training, and $25 private lessons for members. By adopting the elite player's mindset and committing to our rigorous training, you can stand out and become the top player on your high school team. Embrace the challenge and start your path to greatness with Hard 90 Baseball.


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