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Cooperstown Day 2

Opening Ceremonies

Day 2 started at 7:00AM - the official wake up time for the Hard 90 Clutch. The team discussed the importance of waking up at the same time everyday to get on a routine and keep your first appointment of the day. Each player made their bed and then headed for the showers to start their day off right.

The team ate breakfast together at 8:00AM and then each player was checked out of the facility by their parents to head to downtown Cooperstown. Day 2 was the first official day of the MLB Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies and the team headed in to town to meet up with some Hall of Famers (and visit their favorite shop: Baseballism.)

Downtown, the Hard 90 Clutch had the opportunity to meet a number of big leaguers including Pete Rose, Andre Dawson, Jesse Barfield, and Denny Mclain, among others. The downtown was buzzing as this was a big induction year for one of the home state teams - Mariano Rivera was the first unanimous selection for the Hall of Fame.