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#1 Tactic To Have Confidence At The Plate

At the halfway point in the season most players have settled into a spot on their team. The ones with the most success are generally hitting at the top of the order and getting the most playing time. These players tend to have more confidence than the other players.

It would be easy to chalk it up to the coach likes them better, has given them all of the opportunities and thus instilled confidence in these players. Many players and parents use this rationale - we do not accept this at Hard 90 Baseball.

Coaches like to win and as such will put the best players on the field. So we guide our players to be demonstrably better than the other players on the field.

As Tom Landry stated - "confidence comes from preparation." Preparation comes from understanding what you are trying to accomplish, setting a goal, enlisting the support of experts on achieving that goal and working harder than anyone else.

Do you want to have confidence at the plate? Then join us - we will teach you our key hitting principles, our drills that reinforce these principles and help you with a practice routine that will allow you to have success.

The #1 tactic for having confidence at the plate is to prepare!

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