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Hard 90 Stars Shine Bright: MLB Rosters and AAA Hopes

As the 2024 Major League Baseball season gets underway, the spotlight shines brightly on three standout Hard 90 alumni who have earned coveted spots on their respective MLB rosters.

Mauricio Dubon - Houston Astros: Dubon's versatility and skill set have landed him a spot on the Houston Astros' roster. With his ability to play multiple positions and his knack for timely hitting, Dubon promises to be a valuable asset for the Astros this season.

Nick Madrigal - Chicago Cubs: Madrigal's exceptional contact hitting and defensive prowess have secured him a position on the Chicago Cubs' roster. As a key player in the Cubs' infield, Madrigal's consistency and defensive reliability will undoubtedly make an impact throughout the season.

Hunter Greene - Cincinnati Reds: Known for his electrifying fastball and pitching prowess, Hunter Greene has made the cut for the Cincinnati Reds' roster. As one of baseball's most promising young pitchers, Greene's athleticism and talent on the mound are sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

While Dubon, Madrigal, and Greene celebrate their achievements in the big leagues, several other Hard 90 alumni are gearing up for their shot at the majors in Triple-A.

Alex Isola, Darren Baker, Robert Gasser, Nick Sogard, Stephen Nogosek, Troy Claunch, and Cameron Eden are among the Hard 90 alumni who will begin the season in Triple-A, honing their skills and awaiting the call-up to the majors. Each of these players has demonstrated talent, determination, and a relentless work ethic, making them prime candidates for promotion to the big leagues in the near future.

As the season progresses, fans will eagerly follow the journeys of both the established stars and the rising talents within the Hard 90 program. With Dubon, Madrigal, and Greene leading the charge in the majors and Isola, Baker, Gasser, Sogard, Nogosek, Claunch, and Eden waiting in the wings, the Hard 90 legacy continues to thrive, showcasing the program's commitment to developing elite baseball talent at every level.


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