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Success in Travel Baseball

The secret to success in Travel Baseball is hard work. Surprised? You shouldn't be.

We hear it every year that this player gets lucky, that player is bigger and more physical, this player is faster, that player is smarter and on and on and on...

That said, Hard 90 Baseball has had successful players that were big, small, fast, smart, and even lucky - but the one common ingredient with every successful player is that they worked harder than anyone else.

1. Set specific goals that are process oriented

2. Prioritize practice over games

3. Hit 5 days per week

4. Throw 5 days per week

5. Strength and conditioning 2 days per week

6. Field tool 2 days per week

7. Play on a team that plays the best competition possible

Not all programs and training is created equal - Hard 90 has a 14 year track record of helping some of the best players in Northern California become elite. Call The Clubhouse today to get in the game!

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