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Why is exit speed important?

Batted ball exit speed is the measurement of the velocity of the baseball off the bat. Second to contact, batted ball exit is the most critical measurement of success for a hitter. Statistics have proven out at every level that the harder the ball is hit, the better success ratios a hitter will have.

In a visit to Hard 90, current Stanford Head Coach Dave Esquer told a group of high school ball players young players need to learn to hit the ball hard.

The measure measurement of hitting the ball hard is batted ball exit speed. Batted ball exit speed is trainable.

How to Improve Batted Ball Exit Speed:

A player can improve their batted ball exit speed by improving mechanics, increasing strength, changing point of contact and developing mindset/intent at the plate. Training with an intent to improve exit speed with lead to optimal results on the field.

The Hard 90 Power Hitting Programs and High School Hitting are designed to increase batted ball exit speed.

Interested in exit speed by age? Check out the Hard 90 Exit Speed Guide.

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