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Hard 90 Mindset Start This Week!

A new year offers you the opportunity for a fresh start, a new beginning or to build on the hard work you put in to get to this point.

This can be the BEST year you have ever had - but one thing is for certain if you do not have a plan - you will not have a North Star to give you the highest probability of success.

This week is critical to set direction for the upcoming year. Reflect on what went well last year - what do you need to continue doing, stop doing or start doing in the coming year!

Set specific goals for school, athletics and social. Develop daily actions that will help you achieve those goals. Check in weekly to course correct and review your progress monthly.

This is a great week to read The Hard 90 Mindset and put your plan of action in The Hard 90 Mindset Workbook.

In order to achieve greatness you must surround yourself with people on the same journey as you. Check out the Hard 90 Training Programs to get on the path!


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