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Transition To Kid Pitch With Success

Each year at this time, many parents and players start thinking about their transition from coach pitch to kid pitch. This transition brings about many emotions from both parents and players as the "safety" and confidence that comes from coach pitch is now gone.

Players become anxious as they do not have confidence in the accuracy of their fellow players and parents have anxiety as they want their player to do well.

The key to this transition is building confidence in the player. Confidence for the player at the plate comes from consistent repetition. Through repetition, players build strong movement patterns and learn to have an approach at the plate. The strong movement patterns and defined approach allows the player to see success in practice - which leads to confidence at the plate in games.

Hard 90 Power Hitting is one of the best ways to prepare for this transition. Through this weekly class, your player will learn the fundamental movement patterns of the swing, learn an approach and get proper repetition with a professional instructor.

Check out Hard 90 Baseball Camps and Power Packs to insure that your player is ready for the upcoming Little League Season!

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