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For many, 2020 has been a difficult year. To add to the difficult circumstances, social media and traditional news has amplified a message of negativity - doom and gloom.

The mind is a powerful thing. If you surround yourself with positive people, read positive messages you will be in the right frame of mind to accomplish your dreams, mission and goals. In fact, this is a key piece of our athletic training at Hard 90 Baseball that we call the Hard 90 Mindset.

What if - for the next 21 days you stopped reading, commenting and sharing all negative posts on social media?

What if, for the next 21 days you read, commented and shared positive messages?

What if, for the next 21 days you woke up each morning thankful for the opportunity to make this day your best day ever?

What if, for the next 21 days you supported your team - family and friends - encouraging them to be positive and persevere - giving their best effort to achieve?

What if, for the next 21 days in conflict with others - you assume positive intent?

What if, for the next 21 days you look at every difficult circumstance you encounter as an opportunity to overcome - a mountain to climb?

What if, for the next 21 days you take any loss or setback as an opportunity to learn and get stronger for the journey?

Experts say that you can create a lasting habit in 21 days. This is the perfect time to get in the right frame of mind to have a positive 2021.

Join Hard 90 Baseball in the #positive21 challenge. For the next 21 days, we will share a positive message on social media. Hard 90 challenges you to share the message and tag a friend, or share your own positive message each day and tag us.


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