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Hard 90 Teams Making Waves on the National Stage!

We are thrilled to announce that two of our Hard 90 teams, the 12U Cycle and 13U Blast, are competing in prestigious national tournaments! This is a fantastic opportunity for our players to travel, create lasting memories, and showcase their skills on a larger platform.

Our talented 12U Cycle team is heading to Cooperstown's All Star Village, where they will face top-notch competition from across the country. This tournament provides a unique chance for our players to measure their abilities against teams from different regions, pushing their boundaries and fostering growth. It is also a really cool experience to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame!

Our impressive 13U Blast team is gearing up for the renowned Slumpbuster tournament in Omaha. This event brings together elite teams, offering a high-level competition experience. Our players will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and represent Hard 90 with pride. This team will also have the opportunity to visit the College World Series!

Venturing out of their local area, both teams are stepping onto the national stage, gaining exposure to new teams and different playing styles. This experience will broaden their horizons, develop their resilience, and inspire them to reach new heights in the game they love.

These tournaments not only present the chance to compete but also to create lifelong memories. Our players will forge bonds with teammates, learn from challenging situations, and discover the limitless potential within themselves.

We extend our heartfelt best wishes to the 12U Cycle and 13U Blast teams as they embark on this incredible journey. We are proud of their dedication, hard work, and determination. We eagerly await their return and look forward to hearing about their achievements and experiences.

Competing on the national stage is a significant milestone for our Hard 90 teams. We commend them for embracing this opportunity to travel, challenge themselves, and see where baseball can take them. The memories made and lessons learned will undoubtedly shape their journey in the sport. Good luck, have a fantastic time, and bring home your best performances! Go Hard 90!


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