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Hard 90 Baseball Reopens

Hard 90 Baseball is excited to announce it has reopened to help amateur baseball players reach their goals and dreams. (at least virtually.)

Over the last two days, members of the Hard 90 Coaching staff have volunteered their time to organize, implement and procure the technology resources to launch remote training programs for amateur athletes.

Hard 90 Team Members are now receiving 5 tool training with 6 days per week of programming administered through an app on their phone. This comprehensive programming can be completed at home and all of the drills are supported by videos. Additionally, coaches will be hosting a weekly, virtual hangout to check in on team member progress.

Additionally, Hard 90 Team Members will have the opportunity to participate in remote mental game training sessions on The Hard 90 Mindset - a new book published by Hard 90 Owner Eric Walczykowski. In this book, Eric combines 15 years of amateur coaching experience with 25 years of corporate executive experience to help athletes and their parents understand a process to reaching their full potential in baseball and beyond.

Hard 90 Power Trio Members will continue training as usual - although training will now be remote. This personalized training has been expanded to include all of the 5 tools of baseball and continue to be delivered through the app on your phone. Training will now include 3 virtual hangouts per week to keep tabs on the progress. Interested in comprehensive training with proven results? Register your interest. Special introductory pricing of $149/month reconstituted - this is 1/2 price for non members.

Hard 90 High School Combine has restarted. While the high school baseball season is on hold - elite high school baseball players that would like to play in college must continue to train. Hard 90 has revamped the proven, personalized curriculum to administer online via the app on your phone and perform workouts at home. The high school combine will convene in a virtual hang out 3 times per week. Pricing is $350 per month.

Hard 90 Remote Private Lessons will be offered by Hard 90 coaches 7 days per week. These lessons can include hitting, pitching, fielding, base running and mental game aspects. These lessons are offered 4 1/2 hour lessons for $100 ($25 per individual lesson.)

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