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USA Baseball 12U National Coach on Alarm Clocks and Baseball Diamonds

This week at the 12U USA Baseball National Open, 100 of the top 12U players in the country gathered to compete for 15 spots on the 12U National Team. The talent at this event was off the charts.

One of the coaches gave the players a talk about the little things, how little things become big things and how those little things impact your success on the baseball field and in life.

The first little thing is setting your alarm and getting out of bed when it goes off. For those that hit the snooze button - you have just showed up late for your first appointment of the day. Not a good way to start your day by being late for your first appointment.

What does getting up on time have anything to do with baseball?

Those that get up on time and keep their appointments - develop habits of showing up on time to practice. These simple habits, practiced daily develop character.

Showing up on time and prepared is a key ingredient to success on the baseball field. Those that show up on time and prepared get more and better reps. Better reps leads to more success in the games and over the long term this leads to becoming the very best player you can become.

Are you interested in focusing on the little things to develop character forming habits to become the best version of yourself? Check out Hard 90 Baseball Travel Teams - where the little things are emphasized to become big things!

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